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Recycling Do's:
1. All your recycling can be mixed together loose in a can with a lid; Glass, Plastic, Metal, Paper and Cardboard can go in the same container.
2. Plastic: Plastic Food & Beverage Containers #1, #2, #4, #5, #7. Including: bottles, jars, jugs and other rigid plastic containers. Washed clean.
3. Glass: Clear, Green and Brown Glass. Bottles, Jars, Food and Beverage Containers. Rinsed clean.
4. Cans: Aluminum & Metal Cans, Loose Metal Jar Lids, Steel Bottle Caps and Foil. Washed clean.
5. Paper: Newspaper, Magazines, Brochures, Greeting Cards, Brown Paper Bags, Regular & Junk Mail, Phone Books, Paper Back Books, File Folders and Office Paper. Anything that comes in the newspaper is recyclable.
6. Cardboard & Paper Board: Corrugated Cardboard, Paper Towel Rolls, Cartons, Cardboard Beverage Carriers, Dry Food Cartons, Paperboard Boxes.
7. No need to remove: Paper clips, Stamps, Address Labels, Staples, Metal Fasteners, Cellophane, Address Windows, Rubber Bands, Spiral Bindings, Plastic Tabs.
**Unwashed food containers are especially attractive to bears & small animals

Recycling Dont's:
1. Don not include: Plastics other than those listed. No Plastic Film or Plastic Bags
2. Do Not include: Paper items other than those listed, Stickers or Address Labels Sheet, Waxed Paper or
Waxed Cardboard Paper
3. Do Not Include: Glass Items other than those listed, Window Panes, Mirrors, Ceramics, Pyrex Dishware
4. Do Not Include: Cans & Metal Items other than those listed, Scrap Metal
5. Do Not Include Electronic Waste; Batteries, Cell Phones, Computers, VHS/VCR Tapes, etc.
6. Do Not Include Paint, Pesticide, Oil & Cleaners, Needles or Syringes, Styrofoam To-Go Containers, Organic Material or Food Waste.


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